Kevin France

Business and Strategic Development

Mr. France leads business development and operating strategies at Regenesis Management Group. Mr. France is a managing partner, founder or an equity participant in several water right, real estate and natural resource projects covering thousands of acre feet of water rights and thousands of acres of land and mineral rights. Mr. France participates in asset development transactions and has assisted companies in structure, organization, management and capital development for such ventures. Additionally, Mr. France has managed software and technology development companies including the development of resulting intellectual property rights and automated fulfillment systems. Over the past decade, his practice has included developing and implementing comprehensive business, marketing and financial plans for operating businesses and property development projects alike. He has also managed sales, marketing and operating strategies for a number of organizations in the real estate, natural resource, broadcast and technology sectors with company sizes exceeding 150 personnel. He has been a board member of a Colorado metropolitan water district and is active on an advisory board focused on water conservation and optimization. Mr. France sits on a handful of private company boards and he has acted as a facilitator for independent study courses focusing on business strategy at Regis University. Mr. France earned a Masters of Business Administration degree, graduating with honors from Regis University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Communications from the University of Colorado.