Donald F. Sanborn

Software Development

Mr. Sanborn leads software development at Regenesis Management Group. He has spent over twenty five years developing commercial engineering and mapping applications for a myriad of companies. For twenty three years, Mr. Sanborn has acted as a consultant providing custom application development services and has brought a number of applications to market for clients. Several of these applications have been targeted at the landscape irrigation and water management industry. He developed what is possibly the first commercial program to interact with a weather station, calculate evapotranspiration rates and communicate to golf courses and other large turf installations how much to irrigate on a day-to-day basis. The program, entitled, “Weather,” was incorporated into Rain Bird Manufacturing’s Irrigation Central Control software. He also developed another application, entitled “Watermark Irrigation Design,” for sale by Aqua Engineering, Inc. Watermark ID is the premier irrigation design software package in the landscape irrigation industry. Mr. Sanborn has published a number of articles and contributed to multiple additions of “Applying AutoCAD” by Terry Wohlers. He has also taught two engineering courses at the United States Air Force Academy and developed Contingency Support Exercise (CSE) software that is used to train over one thousand cadets per year in the E101 core course. Mr. Sanborn is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and of Tau Beta Pi, an All Engineering Honorary organization. Mr. Sanborn earned a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Engineering with a concentration in Irrigation and Drainage from Colorado State University. He has completed post graduate studies in Computer Science and is a registered Autodesk Developer and ESRI Developer.