The SWIIM® System

PrintThe SWIIM System is a software suite, instrumentation and remote sensing package that enables agricultural water users to optimize water rights, conserve water and increase net income for farm and ranch operations. We call it SWIIM®, or Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management®. A blend of science and technology, SWIIM gives owners the opportunity to increase income by leasing a portion of their consumptive use water rights to municipalities, private industry and conservation groups, without compromising the underlying water right. SWIIM provides an alternative to the non-sustainable, agricultural dry-up option. It has been academically tested and vetted by industry leaders. Designed to be an efficient and profitable solution for fresh water stakeholders, SWIIM uses a groundbreaking blend of technological capabilities to transform water rights into a valuable revenue stream.

Visit www.swiimsystem.com for more information on the SWIIM® System.

Technology, Software & Instrumentation

USDA-ARS v3Regenesis Management Group works closely with state and federal researchers to develop software and instrumentation to provide critical technology for use in practical applications. Regenesis Management Group is collaborating with the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to conduct research and develop technology for use by the private sector, designed to facilitate more beneficial use of natural resources. The project will focus on the development of software and technology to aid the agricultural community to better manage their irrigation water use by optimizing consumptive use through deficit irrigation, better cropping practices and return flow management.

Visit www.ars.usda.gov for more information on the USDA.

Natural Resources Development and Deficit Irrigation Studies for Water Conservation

grn_fr_smRegenesis Management Group has entered into a long-term research and development contract with Colorado State University to facilitate water conservation research. The research is designed to provide interdisciplinary studies in the areas of agriculture crop optimization, deficit irrigation practices, and managed return flow to better manage water resources for the agriculture community while saving proportional consumptive use for other applications. The interdisciplinary team at Colorado State University involves the Warner College of Natural Resources, the College of Engineering, and the College of Agriculture. Regenesis Management Group will carry out a collaborative research and development arrangement with Colorado State University focused around studies to optimize limited irrigation techniques while managing return flow, and corollary, to develop instrumentation and monitoring technologies.

Visit www.colostate.edu for more information on Colorado State University.

Remote Sensing and Related Technologies

usuRegenesis has entered into a collborative research and development agreement with Utah State University focused around certain remote sensing and related technologies. Regenesis Management Group utilizes satellite, aerial and on-the-ground sensing technologies to help estimates elements of the water balanace.

Visit www.usu.edu for more information on Utah State University.

Research and Development Facility

ncrfRegenesis Management Group utilizes partnerships to help develop products and offerings that are based in solid science. The primary research site is located directly adjacent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service site and is designed to allow for ease of maintenance and facilitate data acquisition through the company’s research and development arrangements. The site has been instrumented with the latest technology and monitored through the use of remote sensing equipment with the goal of implementing easy-to-use software and instrumentation for monitoring consumptive use, estimating crop evapotranspiration and quantifying return flows on a farm- and system-wide basis.

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