Company Overview

Water, Land and Energy

Water resources, the utilization of land and energy consumption are global issues that affect us all and require conservation and responsible use. Due to droughts, policy changes and impacts of population; fresh water, sustainable energy and land left in its natural state are limited. In addition, the competition for water use amongst agriculture, ranching, energy suppliers, private industry and municipalities is growing and becoming more aggressive. These issues are all intertwined and innovative techniques are essential to maintaining balance and to provide for more responsible use of these resources.

Management and Consulting

Regenesis Management Group’s principals have spent the past several decades acquiring, developing and preserving natural resource assets, primarily water, energy resources, development land, water storage, in addition to remediation of soil and groundwater. Our team has worked with farmers, ranchers, municipalities, state/federal government, academia, private sector and other related parties to drive cooperative partnerships that provide a “win/win” situation for all participants.

Technology and Instrumentation

Systems to use water resources, energy and land more efficiently have become a mainstream concern for communities throughout the United States and beyond. Regenesis Management Group is developing processes and technologies to provide an alternative solution to traditional “agricultural dry-up” of farmlands in Colorado and surrounding states, in addition to building systems to help facilitate and monitor better use of water and land in general. These technologies will provide for more efficient use of the water source for multiple applications and provide incentives for property right owners to conserve water and their lands where the water was historically used.

Defining and Implementing Responsible Stewardship of Natural Resources

The systems and technology developed by Regenesis Management Group and its partners provide for more efficient, responsible use of natural resources through partnering with and providing solutions to the multitude of stakeholders who can benefit from more efficient utilization of land, water and related assets in their respective communities, thus allowing them to become better stewards of our natural resources.